September 28, 2009

Aaaaarrgghh! &@#$*% Lulu! (Monday vent)

I haven’t logged onto Lulu for over two years. All I want to do is buy a copy of Shot Glass Stories.

I put in my password. Nothing. Blank page. I asked to be reminded of my “forgotten” password. Eight times. Nothing. No emails.

So I decided to open a new account. After three goes at choosing a “store name” (even though I don’t want to open a store), I’m told that there is already an account with that email address. My email address. Yes, it’s my account, idiot website!!

There is no way you can send them an email enquiry without logging into your account (not that I could find on their site, anyway), which means if you can’t log in, you can’t find out why not. Now I will have to open another one with a different email address.

I feel better now…


  1. I'm forever forgetting user names and which email I logged on with. I haven't visited Lulu in ages - oops!

  2. I keep a list - or rather, lots of little bits of paper in a drawer. It doesn't help much when the site forgets your password. Good luck on your next visit... ;->

  3. Chin up, worse things have happened at sea. You're right though. I just had a little look at the site map and clicked on a link that said "Report Technical Problems about the Site" and it appears all help requests have to go through a logged in account. Not much use if you have a technical logging-in problem. Shame there's no way to contact them because they really should be the ones to know. Perhaps you could let them know once you get in with that other email.

  4. Cheers Barry.

    They sent me a Do-Not-Reply email when I used an old order address to contact them. It said "Reply to this email"...!

    Yeah, but venting is fun. I signed up with another email address. Should be fun when I forget that and try to log in with the old one.

  5. Lulu is idiotic. It was a nightmare trying to use it. I wonder if their competitors are any better.