November 30, 2008

Ballooney Tunes

Another limerick... and fart jokes are still the best.

The balloon-racer’s victory design
Was foiled by the breeze's decline.
Cried the balloonist “No worry!
I’ll just swallow this curry -
We'll be jet-propelled over the line!”


  1. "If Heraclitus is right, and the nature of things is in concealing themselves, then surely the best place to look for genius is in trash mediums?"

    Like limericks for example.

    Keep 'em coming Ian. Updated in the thread, as usual. And thanks for you comment on my Gibbons post. Just repaying the sentiment.

  2. Cheers Rory! Better than describing my trip to the supermarket today. Although, I'll get back to you if something interesting happens...