June 27, 2009

Three Years in Prison…

"Three Years in Prison will be served by Lee Monroe Crider, 40, who pleaded guilty to grand theft when he appeared in a Sacramento court charged with stealing a bike belonging to the Tour de France tour de forcer, Lance Armstrong."

Meanwhile, closer to home…

“A WOMAN who admitted to shooting her husband and chopping up his body might be out of jail by the end of 2011 after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Joyce Chant, 57, was originally charged with murder, but after a jury was unable to reach a verdict earlier this year she admitted to killing her husband after he produced a gun during an argument in their violent marriage.

Justice Roderick Howie sentenced Chant to a minimum of three years and five months' jail for manslaughter and 10 months for interfering with human remains.”

I know that Justice is ultimately just an artificial construct designed to maintain social order and provide a means of punishing wrongdoers, but if Architects used the same standards of “judgment” there wouldn’t be a building standing.


  1. To quote a famous writer, 'The law is an ass.'

    Yesterday in the UK a 15 year old was jailed for 12 years (he'll be 27 when he gets out, if not younger) for beating a 2 year old to death. Disgusting.

  2. Hi Catherine - yes, it was Dickens, through the mouth of Mr Bumble (hardly an unbiased commentator!)

    That case is just tragic all round. 1 child dead, another better off dead.