October 20, 2009

Erin Cole's Countdown to Halloween

This should be fun! Erin Cole, on her Listen to the Voices blog, is hosting a series of 13 horror stories by different authors from the 19th of October through to Halloween.

The first story, Michael J. Solender’s Orange Dot, will have you seeing spots in front of your eyes. And your mailbox…


  1. Thanks Ian. I can't believe you have that pumpkin - I was going to put it on one of my posts!

    Nice blog...I don't think it's just another writer's blog at all - I'd like to take a fantastic lighting trip.

  2. You're welcome Erin. Great minds, and all that, eh? (I wanted to make sure I used a public domain image, after my last post.)

    Must get back into blogging (and writing) - I think I slipped into standby mode. Welcome aboard.