October 15, 2008

Naomi Watts - I knew her when...

Well, not really. But I was the co-writer on this episode of the Aussie sitcom "Hey, Dad!" in which she appeared and I recall that she was very professional, had great timing and, yes, she had a certain something...


  1. Dude, it's awesome that you write for tv. I just wanted to say that. Seems sometimes these feats of success go a little wayward in all the 'I got $5 for a story' stuff we all trade in on Critters Bar.

    I'm impressed!

    Of course, I'll still ick your arse in the flash league. lol


  2. Thanks Rich - Well, this was a looong time ago. Must ring my agent. She rang last year just to make sure I was still alive...

    The flash league...I'd better get my act into gear, eh?

  3. YAY! You have a blog. I'm am adding you to my blog roll right now.

  4. Thanks Cate! Might make me write more regularly. Still working on the look of the thing...

  5. Ian - it's Johnny formerly of elvis. Loving the blog, my friend.
    Got a new website for you that I run.


    we should be speaking more.


  6. Thanks johnny - good to hear from you. The sites look great, you've found your niche! Will catch up.