October 05, 2008

Summer is a-comin' in...

Say hello to my little friend. I thought the buzzing was in my ears at first, then I saw this little guy behind the blinds in my office.

I found him on the floor later. He climbed into my hand and I took him out into the yard. (Nice to know my dinky little camera's macro works, too.)


  1. If that was in England it would be tiny, but I bet that thing is the size of my fucking head!


  2. Aww, Ian. That you took him outside says nice things about you. Some people would have smashed him.
    I have a friend who picks up any ants in her house and talks to them, telling them they don't belong in her house; they're supposed to stay outside and then takes them to her garden.
    She thinks they listen and don't return.
    (She also has a son who's schizophrenic)
    Caroline Wells

  3. Hey ART - I think it was just a baby. Grown ones have been known to cary off possums and attack news choppers. ;->

    Caroline - Hi, yeah, I think I was a Bhuddist in a past life. Most animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit for.

  4. I have buzzing in my ears. Maybe I should check behind the blinds, no?

  5. Hi Robert - It could be a story trying to get out... better have a pen handy, just in case! (Does anyone still use pens...?)